InTuition HK takes pride in its modern and creative take on studying for the IB. We make use of a three-pronged approach that integrates technology, design and content.

The IB curriculum is very rigorous and challenging. Several students benefit from receiving guidance in creating study plans and feedback for essays and projects.


Engaging videos and interactive study guides


Vibrant graphics and human-centered design


Streamlined notes and comprehensive outlines

We at InTuition HK create innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by students. Through informative tools and helpful resources, we are able to provide students with necessary support that can help them cope and excel at the IB curriculum.

Our Solutions

IA Marking Platform

Provides students with customized feedback on their Internal Assessments (IA)

Study Guides

Outlines with exam tips, common errors and other important notes


Flashcards, etc. to bring studying to the next level